2011 Veteran’s Day Parade


The 1st Annual Veteran’s Day Parade was a great success! Wet weather didn’t dampen anyone’s enthusiasm for the event.

Honoring our Veterans...

Here is list of last years participants and Sponsors. The parade would not have been possible without these people and groups! Thank You!





The Salinas Department Pacer Vehicle is being driven by Joe Gunter who is the only Viet-

Nam Veteran who retired from the Salinas PD and is currently working as a Reserve Police

Officer. Joe is volunteering his time for the First Annual Veteran’s Day Parade.

1. United States Marine Corp (USMC)

United States Marine Corps, Recruiting Sub-station, Salinas, Ca, and the

Marine Detachment from Defense Language Institute at the Presidio of


2. Military Order of the Purple Heart Chapter 549

3. Next up is a Military Jeep carrying Norm Hoffman.

Norm is the Weather and Anchor Man for our Local TV station KION.

Norm Hoffman is a Viet Nam Veteran. He is riding with a movie star the Jeep

is a M151 A2 Vietnam Vantage High Speed Assault Combat Jeep. It was used

in movies such as the Incredible Hulk, Platoon. It has since been restored and

is registered wit the MVCC Military Vehicle Collectors of California. The owner

and driver is Brad Carrot. Riding shotgun is Jay Cohen from the J&S Surplus 1.

They are devoted to the American Patriotic Spirit.

4. Ricardo Cerros, Sr

Father of Fallen Ranger Sp4 Ricardo Cerros Jr who was serving in Afghanistan

5. Molly Smith & Clown

Ladies from American Legion Auxiliary Unit 589-From Salinas, California.

Their Motto “All For Our Vets” with Unit 589 is Ebe the Clown. Their Unit 589

President and all her fellow clowns. Clerence the Clown, Murry the Clown and

Janice Griffins, Sunshine Production Clowns’- Mrr. Ruffle Duffle, Freckles, Boo

Boo, Lu Lu, Huggie Girl. Deb-A-Dee and Flapjack

6. Salinas High School Marching Band

The Salinas High School marching band consists of 60 members and is under

the direction of Band Director Joe Johnson. This year’s student drum major

is Corine Oh. The band performs at all varsity home football games with pep

music and field shows as well as community parades. December 14 at 7 PM

the band will be present a free concert in the Salinas High School Performing

the Disneyland parade down the famous main street of the Magic Kingdom.

The band would like to thank the Salinas High School District for supporting

music in the school and the many parents who make the marching band

possible. But Most of all the Salinas High Marching Band would like to thank


7. Roy Diaz-Last surviving member of the Batton Death March

Escorted in their Classic Red Cadillac Roy Diaz just celebrated his 95th birthday

and is a survivor of the Bataan Death March, one of the most notorious

atrocities of World War II. Roy was a Prisoner of War for 3 ½ years in

Japanese slave-labor camp.

8. Alan Styles

Former Mayor for the City of Salinas, riding in Ford F250 truck belonging to

Danny Molino of the Veterans Mobile Unit located at Maya Parking Lot.

9. Frank Aguillon escorted by Castroville Midnighter Yolanda Frazier-

Napolean’s Buick Convertible

Frank Aguillon is a WW II Veteran, served in Europe, he was also a

Commentary Film “Soldados” KQED, also member of the County Military and

Veterans Affair Advisory Commission for District 2.

9A. United States Army since 1775 (SFC Marc Baker) Maya Parking Lot

The United States Army is being represented by Staff Sergeant

Truong Phan, Staff Sergeant Tony Lopes and Staff Sergeant Ivan Perez.

They are each stationed locally here as Recruiters to the greater Salinas


Today on display you will find a National Asset that has travelled from Fort

Knox, Kentucky for the 1st Annual Monterey County Veterans Day Parade.

It is a 40 foot truck that includes interactive simulators, a X-box 360, and

external monitors with sound system. Come by the display and test your

physical strengths as well on the push-up platforms to receive prizes for

competing or to receive information concerning a possible enlistment into the

U.S. Army.


Blue Knights is a Fraternal Organization of current and Retired Police Officers.

Blue Knights are a family oriented motorcycle club dedicated to M/C safety

and giving back to the community.

11.American Red Cross, Monterey Bay Area Chapter-Daniella Zapata

The American Red Cross has been supporting our service men and women,

their families and our nation’s veteran’s for over a hundred years. When

a military family experiences a crisis, the American Red Cross is there to

help. Twenty-four hours a day, 365 days a year, the Red Cross relays urgent

messages containing accurate, factual, complete and verified descriptions of

the emergency to service members stationed anywhere in the world.

12. Salinas Police Department Honor Guard

This is the Salinas Police Department’s New Honor Guard formed in 2010.

This Unit is a voluntary unit with officers having full time duties on patrol. The

Unit represents the department at various events. The Unit also has members

that have served in the Military and are Veteran’s from different conflicts.

13.American Legion Post 31

American Legion Post 31 was the first post in Salinas, Chartered October

1, 1920. Marching together is the Post 31 Family, includes Legionnaires,

Auxiliary Unit 31 and Sons of the American Legion, Squadron 31.

14.American Legion Auxiliary Unit 589

Ladies from American Legion Auxiliary Unit 589-From Salinas, California. Their

Motto “All For Our Vets”.

15.Central Coast Muscle Cars and Classics Organization


“Assemblymember Luis A. Alejo represents the 28th Assembly District which

includes Monterey, Santa Cruz, Santa Clara and San Benito Counties. Today,

he recognizes Richardo Cerros from Salinas as the Veteran of the Year for his

courageous and outstanding commitment to serve our country.”

Anna Caballero Secretary of the State and Consumer Services Agency.

Escorted in vehicle donated by Cardinelli Motors.


18.Gonzales High School Marching Spartans

The Gonzales High School Marching Spartans are excited about being part of

the first Annual Salinas Veterans Day Parade. The Marching Spartans, under

the direction of Mr. Brian Parker and Drum Major Brandon Marquez, are

enjoying their fourth year of marching and participating in events throughout

Monterey County. The members would like to thank the parents for all of

their support in bringing the marching band back and for their hard work

during the year. They would also like to give a special thanks to the marching

staff for all of their encouragement and dedication in making this a great

marching season.

19.City of Salinas Fire Department Honor Guard

The Salinas Fire Department Honor Guard is a Specialty Unit.

20.City of Salinas Fire Department On Duty Vehicle

On Board is Mayor Dennis Donohue, Current City of Salinas Mayor

21.Billy Pemberton

1940 GMC Pickup (RatRod) built by Billy Pemberton. Has a small block Chevy

motor with tunnel Ram intake. (Plans on flying KIA Flag in memory of fallen


22.Thunder Riders

The Thunder Riders Motorcycle Group and non-profit organization,

community organized and family oriented which contributes to charities,

such as family ties-boys and girls club, yearly donations to Adopt-A-Family

during our holiday season. We would like to Salute our troops and honor our

Veterans of this Great Country.

23.John L Rivers

John Rivers was in WWII, the Korean War and Vietnam. He retired from the

army after 22 years of service

24.John C. Knapp

John Knapp is a lifelong Salinas Native. John enlisted in the US Marines on

Sept 19, 1966. He was initially stationed in Camp Le June in North Carolina

and trained as a specialist in heavy explosives, land mine, and demolition

war fare. He was attached to the 1st Battion, Fifth Marines Regiment in

the Republic of Viet Nam beginning on May 22, 1967. He participated as

a Demolition Engineer also known as a “tunnel rat” in operations Adar,

Calhoun, Pike, Chochise, Swift, Essex, Houston, Baxter Garden, Unikon, and

participated in the Tiet Offensive beginning in February of 1968 after receiving

National Defense Service Medal, Presidential Union Citation Ribbon, Purple

Heart Medal, Viet Nam Service Medal with 4 Bronze Stars, Republic of Viet

Nam Campaign Medal and the Republic of Viet Nam 1st Battalion 5th Marines

Gallantry Cross. He is a proud father of two sons and is being chauffeured

today in his 1991 Corvette by his brother-in-law.

25.Shelley Dickinson

Robert Angulo (pronunciation is ANN GOO LOW) is a Salinas native that

enlisted in the US Army at 17 years old. Robert was assigned to the 7th Army

Corp of Engineers and participated in the Europe Theater, landing at Omaha

Beach, then serving in France, England, Belgium and finally Germany during

World War II. Robert arrived home as a World War II Veteran on January

13, 1946. He is the proud father of one US Air Force Veteran, one US Army

Veteran and one US Navy Veteran. He is also the father-in-law to one US

Marine Veteran. Robert is being chauffeured today by his daughter in a 1967

Alpine Sunbeam.

26.Disable American Veterans, Chapter 85, Michael Anthony Silver Jr,


Made up exclusively of men and women disabled in our nation’s defense,

the Disabled American Veterans is dedicated to one, single purpose-building

better lives for all of our nation’s disabled veterans and their families. This

mission is carried forward by providing professional assistance, outreach,

representing the interests of disabled veterans and their families and a

structure through which disabled veterans can express their compassion for

their fellow veterans through a variety of volunteer programs.

27.Brownie Girl Scout Troop 33030

The Brownies of Troop 33030/Toro Park are marching in honor of the Men

and Woman and their families who have served as veterans. Their banners

recognize these special people in their lives and in their family history.

28.Angel C. Aguilar, Sr – WWII Disabled Veteran, Purple Heart

Mr. Angel C Aguilar, 87 years old, resides in Salinas with his wife of 61 years,

Delia Aguilar. Riding with him is his wife and daughter, Elizabeth Aguilar. He

was assigned to 112th Calvary Regiment APO 928, was in the New Guinea

Campaign, Asian Pacific Ribbon Campaign. He received a Bronze Staple Star

and is a Purple Heart Recipient and Disabled Veteran of WWII. Car is donated

by Ford company and is driven by his daughter.

29.Clint Thrasher

We’ve got a restored 1944 Willys WWII Jeep, owned by Clint Thrasher of

Salinas. This Jeep is a representative of the 16.4 million service men and

women who served in WWII, and more than 963,000 Americans that were

killed or wounded defending the free world. This Jeep is a veteran, and has

served this country with pride.

30.Prunedale Christian Academy

31.Salinas Elks Lodge Honor Guard 614

The Salinas Elks Lodge 614 Honor Guard was formed in 1982. Most of the

members have served in the Armed Forces. Several of its members are highly

decorated with honors ranging from the Silver Star through Purple Heart.

They are still marching today promoting Patriotism, Honor and the Protection

of our National Flag.

32.California National Guard – David Bentley

340th Brigade Support Battalion, California National Guard

33.Duke Car Club

34.Evertt Alvarez High School Baile Folklorico Club

Aztec group “IXTACUAUHTLI” from EAHS performing Aztec dances from the

Mexican culture. This group dances to preserve the Mexican tradition of the

Aztec Culture to represent our Mexican heritage.

35.AIR FORCE – SSGT Kathleen Roe

Air Force Recruiters office at Northridge Mall, Salinas, CA

36.Knights of Columbus Padre Palou Assembly

Madonna Del Sasso Knights of Columbus Salinas Council #5140 Color Guard.

Knights of Columbus also is a sponsor of the Veteran’s Day Parade.

37.Soledad American Legion Post #32

Post 32 has two WWII Vets and the eras run from WWII to Iraq and

encompass all branches of service including the Coast Guard.

38.Lt. Billy Paulson Jr, VFW Post 6849 Color Guard

39.Santa Lucia Chapter, Daughters of the American Revolution

Hitching a ride with the Army National Guard are members of Salinas Santa

Lucia Chapter, Daughters of the American Revolution. The DAR is a national

volunteer service organization based on lineage to someone who fought or

gave aid to the American Revolution. They preserve historic buildings, provide

scholarships, support schools and troops and volunteer more than 250,000

hours to veteran patients and much more. We stand for God, Home and


40.North Monterey County High School Condor Marching Band and Color Guard

From the “Artichoke Capital of the World”, here is the North Monterey

County High School Condor Marching Band and Color Guard, from Castroville,


This unusual band program has attained both a national and international

reputation. This band has performed in Oregon, Washington, Colorado,

Hawaii, several times in Canada, and in Washington, D.C. for President

Clintons second inauguration in 1997, for President Bush at the Dedication of

the World War II Memorial in 2004, for the Ladispoli, Italy Artichoke Festival

in 2007, and three times to The Peoples Republic of China in 2001, 2005 and

2009 where they are the only American high school band to ever perform with

the Peoples Liberation Army Band and for Chinese President Hu Jintao.

The band is under the direction of Band Director D.L. Johnson, Color Guard

Instructor Laurel Gast, Assistant Director Ryan Castello, and the pride of

Castroville, the 2011 National Champion Drum Major Acey Blanco. Today they

are performing “The Crosley” by Henry Filmore.

41.Louie & Mary’s “Big Blue” Car

1957 Ford Skyliner, Hard top convertible, made in U.S.A. at Ford plant in

Milipitas, Ca. We bought it in 1994 from the original owner it was 37 years old

and had 37,000 original miles on its 312 motor, original upholstery, original

paint. It’s kept covered in a barn in Sonora.

42.American Legion Post 593

Larry Sinderbox is driving a 1939 Studebaker Pickup, 383 Chevy Motor 700 E4

Transmission, S-10 Frame, representing American Legion Post 593, Prunedale,

Ca. Supporting Veterans, Troops and American’s. God Bless America!!

43.Councilmember Tony Barrera

Currently serving on the City of Salinas City Council and have been serving this

community as a Councilmember for the last 4 ½ years. I live and support this

community and am proud to be a part of this Veterans Day Parade.

44.Buena Vista 4-H

Buena Vista 4-H members from Monterey County proudly salute our nation’s

Veteran’s. 4-H provides young people with many opportunities to learn and

develop important life skills such as responsible citizenship. The 4-H members

are here today to honor the work of all Veterans-past, present and future.

They want to say


45.United States Navy

Representing the United States Navy is Karina Tadman, Gavin Futch and Jose


46.Coast Guard

We are Coast Guard Station Monterey, located in Monterey, CA. Our

missions include Search and Rescue, Marine Sanctuary Protection and Law

Enforcement. Our crew size is 40 members. Two officers and 38 enlisted men

and women. We have three boats that help serve these missions. The boat

in the parade will be a 25 ft SAFE boat. We also have a 47 Ft Motor Life Board

designed for heavy surf and can right itself should it be rolled over in violent

surf. Last we have a 41 Ft Utility Boat.

47.American Legion Post 31 “Honor Guard”

Salinas American Legion Post 31 Honor Guard

48.Midnighters Car Club

To Our Veterans, Greetings! On behalf of the Castroville Car Club, we salute

you every day but especially today, Veterans’ Day. We remember every

young man and woman who has unselfishly given of themselves, so that we

may have our freedom. We remember the veterans that are homeless and in

hospitals. They deserve so much gratitude and praise.

Thank you for your courage and dedication to our great nation. May God

Bless all of our Veterans of Military Service.

Our flag will fly proudly today and our voices will sound loud and clear when

singing, “God Bless America.”

49.Soledad High School

Soledad NJROTC has 29 Cadets

50.Vietnam Veterans (Louis Montano)

Vietnam Veterans who served in Vietnam the Fruit of those who came before


51.Thomas F Pinkston AKA Pinky-American Legion Post 31

VW Trike with American Flags (1976 Stires)

52.Military Vehicle Collectors Club Escorting James Spitz-Legion of Valor

This is a 1942 Willys Slat Grill Jeep driven by Marc Goldman of Seaside.

James D. Spitz is a Korean and Vietnam Veteran. Served in Korea from July

1950 to November 1951, Vietnam 1966 to 1967. 1969 DSC-PH-BS-Arcom-

MSM. Past National Commander, Legion of Valor 1982-1983

53.Balet Folklorico Aguila Real De Soledad

54.CA Classics Baton Club

CA Classics Juvenile Baton Club range from 4-11 years of age and are all

residents of Salinas. This club participates in 10 parades per year and the

Disneyland Baton Extravaganza Parade. In addition the club performs for local

Senior organizations. They’ll be marching in the Salinas Christmas, Pacific

Grove Christmas and the San Juan Bautista Parades.


“Cub Scouts Pack 13” representing Mission Park, Monterey Park and

University Park Schools. We are walking in parade with our banner and in full

dress uniforms to support the military veterans.

56.Yamamoto Hula O’Hana

Yamamoto Hula Ohana is a group of volunteer dancers that dedicate their

time to help those in our community such as Breast Cancer, Juvenile Diabetes,

Leukemia, Relay For Life, American Heart Association, these are only among

the few we help with many more organizations.

57.Boy Scouts Troop 232

Boy Scout Troop 232, Scout Master Larry Weisshahn

Sponsored by American Legion Post 31

58.Salinas Police Activities League

The Youth of the Salinas Police Activities League

59.Folklorico Dance @ Alisal High School

The Folklorico Dance Program has been a part of Alisal’s curriculum for 17

years. The students of these classes organize and perform the very successful

talent shows at the school. Alisal’s dance works very closely with the

Community’s Non-Profit Organization: “The Alisal Center for the Fine Arts”.

60.Rick Buvia – Retired Captain from Monterey Police Department Escorting

Retired LT John Albert Struve, WW II Army Veteran

John Struve served as a LT in US Army Air Corps. He was a pilot in a B17

Bomber, flew 18 missions over Germany and was awarded three times the

Distinguished Air Medal.

61.California Highway Patrol

Driving Patrol car is Robert Lehman

62.George Sigala

Tony Diaz Vietnam Veteran, 4th Missile Command and is escorted by George

Sigala 2002 Plymouth Prowler

63.Mark Pipitone

Tito Is a Former Korean and Vietnam Vet and is riding with Jackie Blalock

former Auxiliary President of Salinas Unit Post 31

64.Racey Promotions

Racey Promotions is a profound and highly professional company. Our team is

scintillating, enthralling and charismatic. Our team engages in volunteer work

as well as projects in the community. We seek to enthuse and titillate and

strive to promote the events, products, goods and services of our clientele

in an innovative and effective manner. As a motorcycle enthusiast, Racey

Promotions strives to increase exposure of all tyles of both road and dirt

motorcycle racing as well as recreational riding. Racey Promotions is proud to

support our military.

65.Aguila Cultural Center

Aguila Cultural Center in support of America’s Veteran’s and POW/MIA’s.

66.Ron Giuriato

Served in Viet-Nam with the 199th , 17th Cavalry

67.Martin Jefferson

Operating a World War II Assault Vehicle – Half Track

68.Gonzales American Legion Post 81

69.7/11 Marine Corp Detachment from Monterey

70.Soledad Police Department


This is a self-built float from an idea Joe Ybarra had envisioned way in the

beginning when the Veteran Parade was in the planning stages. The float

is just a small replica of the Monterey County Vietnam Veterans Memorial

Hill located off E. Laurel Dr on Veteran’s Way. Military flags of all branches

of service that served during the Viet-Nam era. The POW and KIA flag

representing for the Prisoners of War and Killed In Action.

Two lovely ladies on the float are:

Dione Ybarra, Daughter of KIA Specialist Four Frank Rodriguez Ybarra, D Co, 1st

Bn, 52nd Infantry, 198th Infantry Bde, American Div, US ARMY

Monica Losoya representing her Father Lance Corporal Ernest Felipe Losoya,

H&S Co, 2nd Bn, 7th Marines, 3rd Marine Div, III MAF, USMC

This Vietnam Memorial is escorted by the:


American Legion Riders consist of members of the American Legion, American

Legion Auxiliary, and Sons of the Legion. They as a group have help built this

Memorial to represent the memory of all those who have served and those

who have given all.


Patriots is a Non-Profit Motorcycle Club that’s been fundraising for the Palo Alto

Spinal Cord Unit locate in Palo Alto since 1989.



Republic Services

Volunteer Police Reserves

Cardinelli Company

Ford Company